Solar Light Jar

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Nearly a decade ago we created Handmade Solar Light Jars, which are made by adapting and then attaching a high efficiency solar light, with a bright white, 5 lumen, LED bulb, to a decorated Mason Jar. The light comes on automatically as it gets dark. It may hang from the handle or sit on a flat surface. Choose from our designs with sand and shells or flower and butterfly, or get our empty Solar Light Jars complete with the Quart or Half Gallon Ball Mason Jar, Solar Light and Handle.

For a very limited time you may purchase 5 of the decorated wide mouth, quart size, Solar Light Jars with brighter, 5 Lumen LED light at the regular price of $25 each, $125 total, and get FREE SHIPPING, when shipped to the same address in Florida.

Because of packing and shipping concerns. The FREE SHIPPING can only be offered when the Solar Light Jars are purchased in quantities of 5. You may purchase as many as you like but they must be in multiples of 5 and by purchasing them from the special item in our store.
Because of health reasons, we are forced to reduce the number of craft shows that we can do. For this reason we have decided to make this offer. This offer is for a very limited time and will be ended without notice.


Sand, Shells and Starfish Solar Light Jar

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      Flower & Butterfly Solar Light Jar

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The photos below show examples of Solar Light Jars at night. Some pictures were taken with the lights hanging fom a shepherd's hook and others were taken with the lights sitting on a table.